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Kim Possible

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Kim Possible confronts Shego (who has the glowing hands)
Kim Possible confronts Shego (who has the glowing hands)

Kim Possible is a Disney Channel original Emmy-nominated animated series about a 15-year-old special agent named Kim Possible who has the task of dealing with worldwide, family and school issues every day.


About the show

Kim often finds herself criss-crossing the globe in an attempt to rescue people and stop crimes... all while being expected to come home and complete her homework in time. Kim Possible attends Middleton High School, and is on the school's cheerleading squad. However, the red-haired, tummy-baring crimefighter can not save the world alone. Alongside her is Ron Stoppable, her goofy, wisecracking sidekick, and his scene-stealing pet naked mole rat, Rufus.

The series premiered in June 2002, and the first episode to air, Crush, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy award the following year. With the premiere of this episode, Kim Possible has since been regarded as the most watched and highest rated television show on the Disney Channel in many years. The series as a whole was nominated for the Daytime equivalent in 2004.

Kim's dialogue tends to be peppered with typical teen slang, for example, "So not the drama" and "No big", as well as the series' catchphrase, "What's the sitch?" (situation). The show's title music, Call Me, Beep Me, is sung by Christina Milian.


Team Possible

  • Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible: The show's main character. Kung-Fu fighting cheerleader who saves the world and still finds time to be a top student. Confident and assertive, with a very driven "Type-A" personality. As animated teen characters go, she's unusual in that she's a big hero and yet at the same time is one of the "popular kids" rather than the typical misunderstood outcast (a role fulfilled by Ron). Voiced by Christy Carlson Romano, who can also be seen in the Disney Channel show Even Stevens as the sister "Ren."
  • Ronald "Ron" Stoppable: Kim's best friend and sidekick. Easy-going, cheerful, and kind-hearted, but also extremely clumsy, goofy, and not-too-bright. Kim usually uses him as a distraction, since he can't hit worth a damn. He is surprisingly good at dodging stuff, though. Has a tendency to have his pants ripped off by random accidents. Although he's extremely extroverted, Kim appears to be his only real friend. Tends to come up with bizarre, paranoid theories that turn out to be totally false. Likes Tex-Mex food and video games. Has an overpowering fear of monkeys. Voiced by Will Friedle.
  • Rufus: Ron's naked mole rat. Has similar interests and personality traits as Ron. Unlike Ron, Rufus is very skilled and competent, and often saves Kim and Ron when they're in a pinch. Much like Scooby-Doo, Rufus is marginally capable of human speech (able to utter a couple of words), but mostly talks in high-pitched rodent jabber. Only Ron actually seems to understand him when he speaks. Voiced by Nancy Cartwright (she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for the role in 2004).
  • Wade Load: The brains behind the operation. Wade's a reclusive, primary school age child genius who runs Kim Possible's website, supplies her with her gadgets, and gives Kim her missions through her Kimmunicator. Spends most of his time in his room, in front of the computer, with the lights off. Kim and Ron have never managed to meet him face to face. Voiced by former star of Smart Guy Tahj Mowry.

Friends and Family

  • Bonnie Rockwaller: Kim Possible's rival and the meanest girl in school. Like Kim, she's a cheerleader. Seems to have similar fighting skills as Kim, but is too selfish to actually use them. Is mean because her sisters are mean to her at home. Voiced by Kirsten Storms ( Disney's "Zenon" movies).
  • Monique: Another of Kim's friends. Probably the most "normal" person in Kim's life. Like Kim, she's smart and hip. Unlike Kim, she's pretty much useless in a fight. Works at designer clothing store Club Banana. Voiced by Raven Symone (That's So Raven)
  • Mr. Barkin: The school's stern, disciplinarian principal and coach. A gruff, humorless fellow who seems to have it in for Ron Stoppable. voiced by Patrick Warburton
  • Kim's mother: A brain surgeon. Often gives Kim advice on growing up. voiced by Jean Smart
  • Kim's father: A rocket scientist. A wee bit absent-minded. Very typical 50's professor type. Dr. Drakken's ex-best friend. Voiced by Gary Cole
  • Jim and Tim Possible: Kim's annoying younger twin brothers, child geniuses with a penchant for constructing whacky inventions and harassing their older sister. Once saved Kim and Shego on a mission. Both voiced by Shaun Fleming
  • Josh Mankey: Kim's love interest. The coolest dude in school, Kim has a huge crush on him. Like Ron, he's easy-going and kind-hearted, but unlike Ron, he's not a goofball. Kim tends to turn into a nervous klutz when she's around him. Voiced first by Breckin Meyer and later by AJ Trauth

The Villains

  • Dr. Drakken: Kim Possible's arch-nemesis and most frequent foe, a mad scientist obsessed with world domination. Real name: Drew Lipsky. A bit like Ron, he's often a bit of a clumsy goofball (only in an evil way). Usually comes up with grandious, overly-complicated plans, typically involving such wacky 80's villain staples as killer robots, mind control, and death rays. Tends to steal his Evil Inventions, because the stuff he invents himself usually malfunctions. Used to have his own private organization with henchmen, evil contraptions, and killer robots, but often had financial difficulties and recently appears to have downsized significantly to just him and Shego. He is Dr. Possible's ex-best friend; turned evil after Dr. Possible, Professor Chen and Professor Ramesh teased him. Voiced by John DiMaggio.
  • Shego: (seen in the picture here with the glowing hands), Dr. Drakken's right-hand henchwoman and Kim Possible's deadliest foe. Definitely the most competent of Kim's foes, and (other that a strong sadistic streak) one of the sanest as well. A sarcastic, violent smart-mouth, enjoys being snide to Dr. Drakkhen and fighting Kim Possible. Has similar Kung-Fu skills as Kim, and is able to create and fire green plasma flames from her hands. Spends most of her free time reading villain magazines and filing her nails. Grew up as a super-hero, but turned evil due to the obnoxious stupidity of her family/teammates. Ultimately, she was the only villain to successfully take over the world (and enslaved the other villains, including Drakkhen, while she was at it). Evil, but apparently has a good streak that has been recently seen and is too stubborn to admit her good streak that comes from a secret (yet by now obvious) kind heart. Voiced by Nicole Sullivan (MADtv).
  • Seņor Senior Sr.: Frequent recurring villain, voiced by Ricardo Montalban. A retired multi-billionaire who (at Ron Stoppable's suggestion) took up villainy as a hobby to occupy his retirement years. Tends toward grandious, high-end capers. Polite, cultured, and urbane, he rigorously adhers to the "code of villainy", following such classic villain rules as "always leave the room after tying your foe to an overly complicated death machine". Probably the most "normal" villain as he doesn't have a particular bizarre freak-theme (like Monkey Fist's monkey obsession or Duff Killigan's golf mania). Generally a hands-off, non-physical villain, although later in the series he is revealed to be an X-games master and capable of fighting Kim one-on-one quite well.
  • Seņor Senior Jr.: Senor Sr.'s son and accomplice. A spoiled man-child more interested in parties and looking fabulous than his father's criminal plans. Like Ron, he's not-too-bright. Extremely buff, but has no stomach for violence or danger. Senor Sr. is often upset his son doesn't know how to be a decent villain. Junior was once coached by Shego in the fine art of perfidy.
  • Lord Monkey Fist: Frequent recurring villain. Real name: Monty Fisk. A rich English lord and the world's foremost authority on monkeys. He's a wee bit crazy, obsessed with monkeys and wants to become more like them. Monkey Fist squandered his family fortune on a operation to give him ape-like prehensile hands and feet. He is now a master of "Monkey Kung Fu" and obsessed with obtaining "Mystical Monkey Power" to make him even more simian-like. Is always accompanied by his personal cadre of trained Monkey Ninjas. Voiced by Tom Kane (The Wild Thornberrys)
  • Duff Killigan: Irate Scotsman and the world's deadliest golfer. Attacks with golf clubs and exploding golf balls. Mean and short-tempered. After an initial scheme to turn the world into one giant golfing green, Duff has generally settled into being a generic muscle-for-hire henchman. Voiced by Brian George .
  • DNAmy: Disgraced former geneticist obsessed with Beanie Baby-type collectable dolls who used her scientific genius to breed living mutant amalgams. Her cheerful personality is counter-balanced by her ruthless tendency to mutate her friends and neighbors. Gave Lord Fisk his monkey feet. Had a fling with Dr. Drakken; broke his black heart. Like Shego, she has a secret (yet by now obvious) kind heart. Unlike Shego, she isn't afraid to show this quality.
  • Dr. Dementor: Another mad scientist, rival to Dr. Drakken. Has henchmen, evil inventions, etc. Unlike Drakkhen, he makes his own stuff, which actually works. Unlike most of the other bad guys, he comes across as sane, competant and not particularly freakish. His only real quirks are the fact he wears a metal face-mask and his habit of talking in a loud, high-strung voice.
  • Aviarious: A villian with a bird fetish who wears an outlandish costume with a purple winglike cape and mask. He was actually the principal enemy of Team Go, Shego's family. Kim ran afoul of him in Go City during his scheme to steal all of the team's powers with a magic scepter. She got Hego's super-strength accidentally by standing in the middle of the transfer. Aviarious may be inspired by both Spiderman villain The Vulture and Batman foe The Penguin. Voiced by Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim).

Episode List

  1. Bueno Nacho
  2. Tick-Tick-Tick
  3. Monkey Fist Strikes
  4. Attack of the Killer Bebes
  5. The New Ron
  6. Mind Games
  7. Royal Pain
  8. The Twin Factor
  9. Animal Attraction
  10. All the News
  11. Sink or Swim
  12. Number One
  13. Crush
  14. Monkey Ninjas in Space
  15. Low Budget
  16. Downhill
  17. Coach Possible
  18. Pain King vs. Cleopatra
  19. Kimitation Nation
  20. Ron the Man
  21. October 31st
  22. The Ron Factor
  23. Partners
  24. Grudge Match
  25. Vir-Tu-Ron
  26. Two to Tutor
  27. Naked Genius
  28. Rufus in Show / Adventures in Rufus-Sitting
  29. Motor Ed
  30. The Fearless Ferret
  31. The Golden Years
  32. Job Unfair
  33. Queen Bebe
  34. Car Trouble
  35. Go Team Go
  36. A Very Possible Christmas
  37. Mother's Day
  38. Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles / Day of the Snowmen
  39. A Sitch in Time (1) - Present
  40. A Sitch in Time (2) - Past
  41. A Sitch in Time (3) - Future
  42. Hidden Talent
  43. Return to Wannaweep
  44. Blush
  45. The Full Monkey
  46. Exchange
  47. Oh Boyz
  48. Triple S
  49. Ron Millionaire
  50. Showdown at the Crooked D
  51. Rewriting History
  52. Sick Day / The Truth Hurts
  53. Steal Wheels
  54. Emotion Sickness
  55. Bonding
  56. Bad Boy
  57. Dimension Twist
  58. And the Molerat Will Be CGI
  59. Gorilla Fist
  60. Overdue / Roachie
  61. Rappin' Drakken
  62. Team Impossible
  63. So The Drama (1)
  64. So The Drama (2)
  65. So The Drama (3)

External links

  • Disney's official site for the show
  • TV Tome episode list
  • Save Kim Possible , devoted to attempts to prevent the show from ending after 65 episodes, as per Disney's current policy on their series
  • Wade's File Zone , a public FTP server with a forum, serving Kim-related media.

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