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Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon (born July 8, 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American film actor who has starred in Stir of Echoes, Wild Things, JFK, and Apollo 13, among others. He has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick since 1988.



Kevin Bacon also appeared in the soap operas Guiding Light (from 1980 to 1981) and Search for Tomorrow (1979).


There is a game known as the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, in which players are challenged to link any actor to Kevin Bacon through roles in movies common to both. The number of such links that must be followed between an actor and Kevin Bacon is known as that actor's Bacon number. The name is derived from the similarity between 'Kevin Bacon' and 'Separation', both having a similar sound.

Kevin Bacon's Anatomy

An anatomically-correct computer model of Kevin Bacon's entire body was made for the movie Hollow Man. This model was later donated to scientists.

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