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Kenneth E. Iverson

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Kenneth E. Iverson (born 17 December, 1920) is a computer scientist most notable for developing the APL programming language. He was honored with the Turing Award in 1979 for his contributions to mathematical notation and programming language theory .

He received his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Physics in 1951 from Queen's University, Kingston in Canada. At Harvard University, he received his Master's degree in 1951 in Mathematics and his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 1954.

As an assistant professor at Harvard, Iverson developed a mathematical notation for manipulating arrays that he taught to his students. In 1962, he began work for IBM and working with Adin Falkoff , created APL based on the notation he had developed. He was named an IBM Fellow in 1970.

He later developed the J programming language,


  • A Programming Language (1962)

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