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Kaiser is a German title meaning emperor, derived from the Roman title of Caesar, as is the Slavic title of Czar.

While Kaiser denoted both the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire (962 - 1806) (the "First Reich") and of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empire (1806 - 1918), in English usage the title is mainly associated with the emperors of the unified German Empire (1871 - 1918) (the "Second Reich").

The Kaisers of the German Empire were:

See also: German Monarchy

Kaiser was also an automobile trademark, named for the man who started the company, Henry J. Kaiser: see Kaiser (automobile)

Kaiser Permanente is a health maintenance organization (HMO), also started by Henry J. Kaiser.

Kaiser is also the name of an aluminium company and of a certain type of roll.

Kaiser is also the root of the last name "kaszer".

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