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Kaesong Industrial Region

Kaesŏng Industrial Region
Korean Name
McCune-Reischauer Kaesŏng Kongŏp Chigu
Revised Romanization Gaeseong Gongeop Jigu
Hangul 개성 공업 지구
Hanja 開城工業地區
Short Name Kaesŏng (Gaeseong;
개성; 開城)
Population ?
Area ?
Government Industrial Region
Administrative Divisions (unknown)
Split from Kaesŏng Directly Governed City, 2002
Dialect Seoul
Location Map
(Note: Map shows boundaries of former Kaesŏng Directly Governed City)
Kaesong, North Korea

Kaesŏng Industrial Regon (Kaesŏng Kongŏp Chigu) is a special administrative region of North Korea. It was formed in 2002 from part of Kaesŏng Directly Governed City. The region is undergoing free-market trials and reforms.

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