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Josip Stolcer-Slavenski

Josip Štolcer-Slavenski (May 11th 1896 - November 30 1955) was a Croatian composer. He was born in Čakovec, Croatia into the Štolcer family. Here he attended elementary school but later studied music in the class of Zoltán Kodály in Budapest and Vitězslav Novák in Prague. He also studied in Paris, France.



Štolcer started his career as a music teacher in Zagreb in 1923 but soon, in 1924, he moved to Belgrade where he had better conditions to work and live. Like another Croatian composer, Jakov Gotovac, he was a national romantic whose work was strongly influenced by regional and national heritage. The sounds of home, its own history and heritage were in his works masterfully expressed new secvence of the universal time. He observed the sound heritage of the cultures of the east, hoping to find the environments unchanged by the influence of the modern world. Josip Štolcer's Memorial Collection, established in 1965, contains original manuscripts and scores, tapes and records, as well as numerous other objects and musical instruments from the composer's home.


His best works are incorporated in a symphony named Orienta for solists, choir and orchestra as well as in another symphony suite, Balkanofonija . In his opus, there are piano concerts, violin sonatas, string quartets, and solos; his best-known choir songs are Zvira voda and Romarska .

Međimurje songs

  • Međimorje kak si lepo zeleno (Međimurje, how beautifully green you are)
  • Raca plava po Dravi (Swimming duck on the Drava river)
  • Tu za repu tu za len (Catch for turnip and catch for flax)
  • Imala majka tri jedine kceri (A mother had three daughters)

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