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Jemtia, or Jämtland, is a historical Province or landskap in the north of Sweden. It borders to Herdalia, Medelpadia, Angermannia, Laponia and to Norway.

Coat of Arms
Land Norrland
County Jämtland County
Area 34,009 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin
Gymnadenia Nigra
Provincial animal Elk
Map highlighting the location of Jemtia


For current affairs see: Jämtland County

Jemtia, makes up three quarters of, and is virtually comprised within the boundaries of Jämtland County.


Main article: History of Jemtia

Jemtia was historically a province of Norway, but in 1645 it was ceded to Sweden by the Treaty of Brömsebro.


Main article: Geography of Jemtia

Jemtia was historically divided into one chartered city and several districts.





Main article: Culture of Jemtia

The Jämthund is a canine breed, named after the province. Since the end of the last ice age, Jämthunds have been friends and helpers of man. Even if it is not explicitly stated, popular perception holds that, the dog depicted in the coat of arms is of the breed.

According to legend it is believed that Storsjön, literally The Large Lake, harbours a large sea creature or monster. There are witness reports but not unlike the Loch Ness monster this remains to be established conclusively. Regardless of any proven existence, the Storsjö monster was officially protected in 1986 under a newly drafted law that guaranteed its safety from hunters and fortune seekers.


Main article: Heraldry of Jemtia

The arms is represented with a dukal coronet. Blazon: "Azure an Elk passant Argent armed Gules attacked from behind by a flying Falcon Or and from front by a Dog rampant of the same."

Dukes of Jemtia

Since 1772, Swedish Princes have been created Dukes of various provinces. This is solely a nominal title.

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