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James Bruce

See also James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin.

James Bruce (1730 - 1794) was a Scottish traveller and travel writer.

He was born at the family seat of Kinnaird , Perthshire, and educated at Harrow School. After various travels in Europe he set out in 1768 on his expedition to Abyssinia, and in 1770 reached the source of the Blue Nile. He returned to Britain in 1774, and in 1790 published his Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in 5 quarto vols. His notorious vanity, the singular adventures he related, and the generally embellished character which he imparted to his narrative excited some degree of scepticism, and he was subjected to a good deal of satire, to which, though much annoyed, he did not reply. It is generally recognised that he had shown great daring, perseverance, and zeal in his explorations, and that he made a real addition to the geographical knowledge of his day. Trivia note: Bruce was the first to ever use the word "Wonderland" thus predating Lewis Carroll

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