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Jacques Piccard

Jacques Piccard, son of Auguste Piccard, was born in Brussels on 28 July 1922. He developed underwater vehicles for studying ocean currents.

Already his father, Auguste Piccard, was a great adventurer. He studied the physics of the stratosphere and reached as the first man heights above 15000 m in a balloon.

Jaques Piccard went diametral: he was the first man to dive to the deepest location in the sea, the Challenger Depth within Mariana Trench (-10916m), with his submarine "Trieste".

The history of accomplishing great challenges goes on in the Piccard family. Jacques Piccard's son Bertrand Piccard was the first one to fly around the world nonstop with the balloon "Orbiter 3" in March 1999. Maybe the the idea of calling one of the "Enterprise's" captain Jean-Luc Picard was a good one.

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