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Interstate 55

Interstate 55 is an interstate highway in the central United States. Like other "interstates," it is commonly referred to as I-55. Its odd number indicates that it is primarily a north-south highway. It goes from Laplace, Louisiana (some 25 miles (40 km) west of New Orleans) at Interstate 10 to Chicago, Illinois at U.S. Highway 41 (Lake Shore Drive).

In the Chicagoland area the expressway is referred to as the Adlai E. Stevenson Expressway.



Miles km state
66 107 Louisiana
290.494 471 Mississippi
12 19 Tennessee
72 117 Arkansas
210 340 Missouri
313 507 Illinois
963.494 1,560.860 Total

Major Cities Along the Route

Intersections with other Interstates

Spur Routes


  • I-755 was planned to bypass downtown St. Louis, but the freeway was never built. Currently, the city can be bypassed by I-255, I-270 or I-170, known as the Inner Belt Expressway.


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