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Indo-Iranian languages

Indo-Iranian languages are the eastern-most group of the living Indo-European languages. They are well represented among the oldest records of Indo-European languages. These originate in the area surrounding the southern part of the Urals, and early on split as they settled east and south of the Caspian Sea in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan (see Aryan invasion). Their expansion seems to have been connected with the invention of the chariot.

Indo-Aryan languages:

Dardic languages:

  • Dameli language
  • Domaaki language
  • Gawar-Bati language
  • Kalasha language
  • Kashmiri language
  • Khowar language
  • Kohistani language
  • Ningalami language
  • Pashayi language
  • Phalura language
  • Shina language
  • Shumashti language

Nuristani languages:

  • Ashkun language
  • Kamviri language
  • Kati language (Bashgali )
  • Prasuni language (Wasi-Weri )
  • Tregami language
  • Waigali language (Kalasha-Ala )

Iranian languages:

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