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The word incubation can mean the following:

  • In chemistry or biochemistry, incubation refers to maintaining a system under specific conditions in order to promote a particular reaction.
  • The word incubate can also be applied to brooding birds eggs
  • Incubation can also refer to infant warming when they cannot maintain their normal body temperature.
  • Incubation also refers to the religious practice of sleeping in a sacred area with the intention of experiencing a divinely-inspired dream or cure. Incubation was practised by members of the cult of Asclepius and votive offerings found at his ritual centres at Epidaurus, Pergamum and Rome detail the perceived effectiveness of the method . Incubation was adopted by certain Christian sects and is still used in a few Greek monasteries.
  • Incubation also refers to the development phase of startup companies when the people work on the launch of their company to the marketplace.

Last updated: 02-18-2005 14:02:19