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Al-Ibadhiyah is a form of Islam distinct from the Shi'ite and Sunni sects. It is the dominant form of Islam in only one Muslim country, Oman. One of the earliest schools, it was founded less than 50 years after the death of the prophet Muhammad.

Jabir bin Zaid Al-'Azdi from Nizwa in Oman was the founder of the Ibadhi school.

Ibadhi Muslims are generally regarded as conservative, but moderate. Ibadhism, for example, rejects the practice of Qunut where enemies are cursed during prayers. Sunni Muslims traditionally regard Ibadhism as a Kharijite group; Ibadhis reject this designation.

Ibadhi Muslims are also found in East Africa (especially Zanzibar), Libya (in Jabal Nafusa ), Algeria (in the Mzab ), and Djerba Island in Tunisia. The early medieval Rustamid dynasty in Algeria was Ibadhi, and refugees from its capital Tahert founded the North African Ibadhi communities which exist today.

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