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A household refers to those who live in the same house, who may or may not make up a family. It is an important term in economics and is the base unit in many theories. In many western societies based around the so-called nuclear family, household and family are often erroneously considered as synonymous by pundits and policy-makers.

Theories which assume that there is only one income stream to a household are suspect; most households now derive income from multiple sources.

Households consisting of groups of people who are not related to each other should not be overlooked; this way of living is significant in many urban centres.

In the context of the feudal stage of societies, of feudal remnants in aristocratic ones, and of similar but less formalized practices among wealthy commoners, a household may include retainer s (whether or not they are explicitly so named), whose roles in many cases blur the line between family member and employee. In such cases, all members of the household derived their living from the household's principal income, which - in a feudal context - would usually be rents received by the estate.

Household chore

A household chore is a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee, related to or used in the running of a household.

Household chores normally include: cooking, laundry and ironing; child and elder care ; outdoor chores; repairs; garden and animal care, paying bills...

See also : domotics, domestic worker.

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