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Honda Element

2004 Honda Element
2004 Honda Element

The Element is an automobile manufactured by Honda and released in the United States in 2003. It is classified in the SUV class, but is of car-like unibody construction rather than having a separate frame. Underpinnings are a close relation to the Honda CR-V compact SUV (and hence also the Honda Civic, from which the CR-V and Element platforms are derived); the engine is a 2.4 litre 16-valve i-VTEC straight-4 (shared with the 4-cylinder Honda Accord). The optional Real Time™ four wheel drive system runs as a 2-wheel drive most of the time, but if a loss of traction on either of the two front wheels is detected, the rear wheel drive is engaged.

The Element is designed to carry large and possibly messy loads. The floor is textured urethane that is easy to clean; the fabric is tough and stain-resistant; the rear seats fold away to leave a large load space. The rear door is large and the vehicle is tall, allowing large loads to be carried. The rear side doors are suicide doors, opening backward, and there is no central pillar, giving a very large side access area.

The Element was nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award for 2003.

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