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Holyrood Abbey

Holyrood Abbey
Holyrood Abbey

Holyrood Abbey is a ruined Augustinian Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland. The abbey (which is sited in the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which it predates) was built in 1128 at the order of King David I of Scotland. "Rood" is an old word for "cross," usually meaning that of Jesus, so the name is equivalent to "Holy Cross." A legend relates that David got into difficulties hunting in the woods and was saved by a stag with an illuminated cross between its horns, then vowed to build a church on the spot. The name is pronounced "Holly-rood".

Since the fifteenth century, it has been the site of many royal coronations and marriage ceremonies. The roof of the abbey collapsed in the 18th century, leaving it as it currently stands, a ruin.

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