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Holstein (cattle)

The Holstein, or Friesian as it is known in the UK, is a cattle breed used in dairy farming.

Holstein Cows
Holstein Cows

Developed in what is now the province Fryslân, The Netherlands, the Holstein cattle (sometimes known as Friesian Holstein or Holstein Friesians) was imported to the United States of America in the 1860's and is the most common dairy cow around the world. Its main quality is its high volume of milk production without a severe decrease in milk fat percentage.

The average Holstein cow in the United States produces about 28,000 pounds (12,700 kg) of milk per annum.

Most Holsteins weigh 90 pounds (40 kg) at birth. Holstein cows will mature to approximately 1,400 pounds (600 kg), while Holstein bulls will reach nearly 2,000 pounds (900 kg).

The primary color pattern for this breed is black and white, but a red and white variety, called "red holstein" is also maintained.

In late 2003 a cow of this breed was found to have Mad Cow Disease near the city of Mabton, Washington, in the United States. Mad Cow Disease, however, is not limited to this breed and affects a variety of cattle and other animals.

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