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Hollinger International

Hollinger International is the holding company of a Chicago based newspaper group . Thirty percent (and 78% of the voting share) of the group is owned by Canadian based Hollinger Inc. - an 84% controlling stake is owned by controversial Canadian businessman Conrad Black through his Ravelston Corporation . He attempted to sell this stake to the Barclay brothers in January 2004 and the brothers launched a takeover bid for the rest of Hollinger International. However the sale was blocked by a judge in the United States after the company's board lodged a court action against the sale.

The Barclay brothers later bought The Telegraph Group which included The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Spectator. On November 16, 2004 the sale of The Jerusalem Post to Mirkaei Tikshoret , a Tel Aviv-based publisher of Israeli newspapers, was announced. CanWest Global Communications, Canada's biggest media concern, announced it has agreed to take a 50 percent stake in The Jerusalem Post after Mirkaei buys the property.

Assets of Hollinger International now include the Chicago Sun-Times in the United States, and various minor newspapers in Canada and the United States.

Executive Officers and Directors

July 2004

  • Gordon A. Paris Chairman of the Board of Directors, Interim President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
  • Paul B. Healy Vice President, Corporate Development and Investor Relations
  • Peter K. Lane Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert T. Smith Treasurer
  • James R. Van Horn Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Frederick A. Creasey Vice President
  • Conrad Black The Lord Black of Crossharbour, PC(Can), OC, KCSG Director
  • Barbara Amiel Barbara Amiel Black Director
  • Daniel W. Colson Director
  • The Hon. Richard Burt Director
  • Henry Kissinger The Hon. Henry A. Kissinger Director
  • Shmuel Meitar Director
  • Richard Perle Richard N. Perle Director
  • Graham W. Savage Director
  • Raymond G. H. Seitz Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
  • James R. Thompson The Hon. James R. Thompson Director

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