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Hereford (cattle)

Hereford cattle are a widely-used breed in temperate areas, mainly for beef production.

A Hereford Bull
A Hereford Bull

Originally from Herefordshire, England, they are the most common breed of beef cattle in the temperate parts of Australia. The breed also enjoys great popularity among ranchers in the desert American Southwest of the United States. It is a testiment to the hardiness of the breed that, while originating in cool, moist Britain, they have found great success, and indeed thrive, in much harsher climates.

A hornless variant with the dominant polled gene are known as the Polled Herefords. Breeding horned and hornless together functions as a genetic dehorner. This is often used as an alternative to a dehorning process which causes stress and often weight loss.

Closely related to the Miniature Hereford, the breed is known for its high-quality meat and its excellent maternal qualities. The Hereford's temperament is better than most other cattle breeds but its meat quality is not quite as good as the more agressive Angus, another "British Breed".

The World Hereford Council is based in the UK, the Secretary General is from Alberta, Canada and the Secretary General Elect from New Zealand. There are currently 19 member countries comprised of 20 Hereford societies and 7 non-member countries with a total of 8 societies.

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