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Henry of Carinthia

Henry VI of Carinthia (circa 1265 - 2 April, 1335) was Count of Tyrol and Duke of Carinthia and Carniola from 1295 until 1335. He was the son of Meinhart II of Gorizia-Tyrol and Elisabeth of Bavaria, a daughter of Duke Otto II of Bavaria . He originally ruled jointly with his brothers Otto and Louis , but outlived them.

He was also the elected (1306) and actual King of Bohemia (1307-1310). After the murder of Wenceslaus III he was elected, as husband of Anna Premyslid , the daughter of Wenceslaus II. He was deposed in 1310 by John of Luxembourg.

Since he was the last male heir of the Meinhardiner dynasty, he attempted to maintain their possessions, in which he ultimately failed. Even though he had supported Louis the Bavarian in his dispute about the imperial crown against the Habsburg Frederick the Handsome and Louis had assured him in 1330 that his daughters could succeed him, Louis reneged on his promise, and the Habsburg managed to take control over Carinthia after his death. His daughter Margarete Maultasch succeeded him in Tyrol, but ultimately had to bequeath her land to the Habsburgs as well.

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