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Henry III of England

Henry III (October 1, 1207 - November 16, 1272) is one of the least-known British monarchs, considering the great length of his reign. He was born in 1207, the son of King John, and succeeded to the throne at the age of nine, with the result that the country was ruled by regents until 1227. Henry married Eleanor of Provence, and they had nine children, the eldest of whom succeeded Henry as Edward I of England.

Henry's reign was marked by civil strife, as the English barons demanded more say in the running of the kingdom. This led to the calling of the first English Parliament by Simon de Montfort, who, besides being the leader of opposition, was married to Henry's sister Eleanor. Henry was loathe to compromise his royal authority, hence began the Second Barons' War. At the Battle of Lewes in 1264, Henry was defeated and taken prisoner by de Montfort. Henry's son, Edward, turned the tables on de Montfort in 1265 at the Battle of Evesham, following which savage retribution was exacted on the rebels. From about 1270, Henry effectively gave up the reins of government to his son. He died in 1272 and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Henry was succeded by his son, Edward I of England.

Preceded by:
King of England Succeeded by:
Edward I
Lord of Ireland
Duke of Aquitaine

Statue of Henry III
Statue of Henry III

Marriage and children

Married on January 14, 1236, Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England to Eleanor of Provence, with:

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