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Heinrich Raspe

Heinrich Raspe (1204 - February 16, 1247) became Landgraf, or count, of Thuringia (now part of modern-day Germany) in 1227; he later became king in 1246-1247 in opposition to Conrad IV. First in Thuringia, Heinrich ruled for his under-age nephew Hermann II, whom he had expelled from the government as he had also his nephew's mother. Around 1231 Heinrich succeeded his brother Ludwig IV who had died on a crusade. As a reward he received the county of Thuringia.

In 1242 Heinrich, together with Wenzel I , was elected by Friedrich II to be the trustee of the empire for his under-age son Conrad IV. After the deposition of Friedrich through Pope Innocent IV in 1245, he changed his mind and on the 22nd of May 1246 he was elected to be the king in opposition, Pfaffenkönig. In the battle of Nidda in August 1246, Heinrich won over Konrad and died several months after on the Wartburg.

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