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Georgian people

Georgians are one of the most ancient peoples of the world. Georgians are one of the Ibero-Caucasian peoples .

More than 4 million Georgians (Kartveli eri or Kartvelebi in Georgian) live in Georgia (about 84% of the population), but there are also about 1,5 million in Turkey (historical Georgian regions Tao-Klarjeti, Artaani (Ardahan )), about 1 million in Russia, more than 60,000 in Iran (Fereydoon Shahr, Najaf Abad , Rahmat Abad , Orji Mahalle ), about 150,000 in Afghanistan, about 50,000 in Azerbaijan (Kakhi , Belokani and Zakatala districts, who are parts of the historical Georgian region Saingilo ) and about 200,000 in other countries. Georgian people is ethnically subdivided into following groups: Imeretians, Gurians , Ajarians, Meskhs, Lechkhumians , Rachians , Kartlis , Kakhetians , Khevsurs , Pshavs , Mokhevians , Ingilos .

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