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The Gaur (Bos gaurus, previously Bibos gauris) is a large, dark-coated ox of the hilly areas of India and Southeast Asia, which may be found wild or domesticated. It is also called the seladang. The wild group and the domesticated group are sometimes considered separate species, with the wild gaur called Bibos gauris or Bos gaurus, and the domesticated gayal, mithan or mithun called Bos frontalis.

Gaur are said to look like the front of a water buffalo with the back of a domestic cow. They stand 1.7-2.2 m tall and weigh 700-1000 kg. In the wild they live in small herds of up to 40 individuals and graze on grasses. They fall prey to tigers and leopards.

Previously thought to be closer to buffalo, genetic analysis has found that they are closer to cattle with which they can produce fertile hybrids. They are thought to be most closely related to banteng and said to produce fertile hybrids.


  • Bos gaurus readei
  • Bos gaurus hubbacki
  • Bos gaurus frontalis, domestic gaur, probably a gaur-cattle hybrid breed

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