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G-8 work session; July 20-22, 2002.
G-8 work session; July 20-22, 2002.

The Group of Eight (G8) is the coalition of eight of the world's leading industrialized nations: the United Kingdom, France, Germany (West Germany to 1991), Italy, Japan, and the United States, (the G6, 1975), Canada (the G7, 1976), and Russia (first known as the G7+1, 1998), as well as the European Union. The hallmark of the G8 is an annual economic and political summit of the heads of state with international officials, though there are numerous subsidiary meetings and policy research.

The G8 leaders as of September 30, 2004 were:

The annual summits are often the focus of anti-globalization movement protests.


Past G7/G8 Summits

The location of the summit meetings rotate anually among member countries in the following order: France, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada (the order in which each nation joined the group.)

number date country place official website
1st 1975, November 15-November 17 France Rambouillet
2nd 1976, June 27-June 28 United States San Juan, Puerto Rico
3rd 1977, May 7-May 8 United Kingdom London, England
4th 1978, July 16-July 17 Germany Bonn
5th 1979, June 28-June 29 Japan Tokyo
6th 1980, June 22-June 23 Italy Venice
7th 1981, July 20-July 21 Canada Montebello , Ottawa, Ontario
8th 1982, June 4-June 6 France Versailles
9th 1983, May 28-May 30 United States Williamsburg, Virginia
10th 1984, June 7-June 9 United Kingdom London, England
11th 1985, May 2-May 4 Germany Bonn
12th 1986, May 4-May 6 Japan Tokyo
13th 1987, June 8-June 10 Italy Venice
14th 1988, June 19-June 21 Canada Toronto, Ontario
15th 1989, July 14-July 16 France Paris
16th 1990, July 9-July 11 United States Houston, Texas
17th 1991, July 15-July 17 United Kingdom London, England
18th 1992, July 6-July 8 Germany Munich, Bayern
19th 1993, July 7-July 9 Japan Tokyo
20th 1994, July 8-July 10 Italy Naples
21st 1995, June 15-June 17 Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia
- 1996, April 19-April 20 Russia Moscow
(Special summit on nuclear security)
22nd 1996, June 27-June 29 France Lyon
23rd 1997, June 20-June 22 United States Denver, Colorado
24th 1998, May 15-May 17 United Kingdom Birmingham, England
(First G8 official Summit)
25th 1999, June 18-June 20 Germany Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
26th 2000, July 21-July 23 Japan Okinawa
27th 2001, July 20-July 22 Italy Genoa
28th 2002, June 26-June 27 Canada Kananaskis, Alberta
29th 2003, June 2-June 3 France ╔vian-les-Bains
30th 2004, June 8-June 10 United States Sea Island, Georgia

Future G8 Summits

number date country place official website
31st 2005, July 6-July 8 United Kingdom Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland
32nd 2006 Russia
33rd 2007 Germany
34th 2008 Japan
35th 2009 Italy
36th 2010 Canada

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