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Fusion cuisine

Fusion cuisine combines elements of various culinary traditions whilst not fitting specifically into any. The term generally refers to the innovations in many contemporary restaurant cuisines since the 1970s.

This type of restaurant's success depends on a number of factors. Among these are:

  • Clientele's (or prospective clientele's) cultural diversity
  • Clientele's travel patterns and experiences.
  • Clientele's culinary sophistication and openness to new eating experiences.

These factors have made this type of cuisine accepted and popular in places like California and in large metropolitan areas. California Chef Wolfgang Puck is one of the pioneers of fusion cuisine - originating from Austria and working where Asia and America meet, he truly is at the heart of the world's culinary triangle.

A menu sampling from menu of an American-European-Japanese restaurant in California might include the following items:

See also: Tex-Mex cuisine, California cuisine

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