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The flipside is the less-used side of a two-sided object. The term appears to derive from terminology used to describe the two sides of a phonograph disc, particularly the 45 rpm variety. Before the advent of digital technology, single songs were impressed onto vinyl records. The best-promoted single, the one expected to get the most airplay on radio stations and hence to become the most popular, was defined as the 'A' side. A second, less popular song was included as the 'B' side. In some cases, however, the 'B' side song became the popular one; more rarely, both songs were popular, as was the case with many Beatles records.

The term 'flipside' is also used in popular American idiom to mean 'later', as in the term "Catch you on the flipside," which clearly refers back to the phonographic meaning. It is this usage that is sometimes heard as a toast in honor of a recently deceased rock and roll enthusiast.

'Flipside' was a punk rock fanzine that lasted from 1977 - 2001 from Los Angeles, California, that held a small but loyal readership in the US and also parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. It also had a punk rock record label, Flipside records. As one of the first and longest running US punk rock fanzines, this publication featured numerous interviews, reviews, and scene reports covering the world of independent and underground music during this era. Known for its highly opinionated cast of writers, Flipside evolved from zerox copies to glossy cover and was litterally enjoyed by generations of punks. Additional coverage often included articles on the UFO phenomenon, drugs, and independent film.

Flipside released many bands on its own label over the years it was in existence, including Doggy Style , Bullemia Banquet , Popdefect , Paper Tulips , Sandy Duncan's Eye , and Babyland. Some of the most sought after of Flipside releases are the Flipside Video Fanzine series released in the early 1980s which were collections of performances of punk bands such as Black Flag, Agent Orange, TSOL, Social Distortion, etc. Flipside Records also released the first Beck recordings; a split 7" with the band Bean plus the full length CD Stereopathetic Soul Manure.

Unfortunately, Flipside Fanzine and its spin-off record label no longer exist, but a memorial website has been set up to remember the early years of the zine and it is called

'Flipside' Fanzine put on a Burning Man-style festival, in California's Mojave Desert at a location known as Jawbone Canyon for several years during the mid 1990s. It was much smaller and more localized than the actual Burning Man Festivals and often featured bands that Flipside put out on their own label. Special guests included Nik Turner, of Hawkwind fame.

There is a regional Burning Man event held in the Austin, Texas area that was begun in 1998 and runs through the present day called "Flipside", aka Burning Flipside. This event is different and completely independent from the 'Flipside' Fanzine event listed above.

Flipside is a rap MC and beatmaker from Boston Massachusetts, producer of 'The People of Paradise' released on Needlepoint Entertainment. [1] He produced the solo CD for Da Bulldogs (formerly with Ed O.G.) on the same label. He is also a cyberneticist with a degree in Political Science. He got his name from the evil musical realm on the 80's cartoon Kidd Video and from his tendency to use b-sides to make hits. He and members of his label wrote "Livin' It Up" which was later performed by Ja Rule and Bell Biv Devoe.

Flipsided (note the extra "D") is an entertainment website much like, where media such as Flash, video clips and images are sent into an automated portal system (also inspired by Newgrounds) which allows users to determine their quality.

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