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Feodor III of Russia

Fyodor III of Russia (In Russian: Федор III Алексеевич Романов) (June 9, 1661 - May 7, 1682) Tsar of all the Russia, son of Alexei I (1629-1676) and Maria Ilinichna Miloslavskaya (1626-1669), reigned from January 29, 1676 to his death.

He married, firstly, on July 28, 1680, Agafia Semyonovna Gruchetzkaya , who died in childbirth on July 24, 1681.

He married, secondly, on February 24, 1682, Martha Matveevna Apraxina (1664 - January 11, 1715). There were no children from this marriage.

Fyodor suffered badly from ill-health, and was forced to spend much of his short reign ruling from a bed.

Preceded by:
Aleksey I
Tsar Succeeded by:
Ivan V and Peter I

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