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Fatima Zahra

Fatima Zahra also called Fatemeh Al Zahraa or Az-Zahra (Arabic فاطمة الزهراء) was the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She was born in Mecca, Arabia about 606 and died in Medina in 632. She was said to have been Muhammad's favorite (and according to some sources, his only) daughter.

She is considered by some as the Chief of the Women of Paradise.

With her husband Ali ibn Abu Talib, Fatima had three sons, Al Hasan, Al Husein, and Al Muhsin.

Ali became the fourth Caliph.

Ali Shariati wrote a book about Fatima entitled Fatemeh is Fatemeh, in which he says that even today, Fatima can still be a role model for women.

Her marriage

One day when the Prophet came out and joined his companions his face was beaming with joy. Abd al Rahman ibn Awf inquired as to the cause of his joy and the Prophet replied, "I have received good tidings from my Lord about my brother and the son of my uncle, that God has given my daughter Fatima, Peace be Upon Her and her progeny, in marriage to Ali." (from "Sawaiq Al Muhriqah"; page 103)

The Prophet said, "O Fatima! Are you not pleased with this, that God, the Mighty and Glorious, cast a glance on the dwellers of the earth and selected from them two men, one of them your father and the other your husband?" (From:

  • "Mustadrak Al Hakim" Volume 3; page 129
  • "Kanz al Ummal" Volume 6; page 153
  • "Musnad of Imam Ahmed" Volume 5; page 39
  • "Sharh Nahj al Balagah" Volume 2; page 451)

Ibn Abu Hatam has recorded a report from Anas, who says that Umar and Abu Bakr came to the Prophet and each of them requested to give him the hand of Fatima. But the Prophet kept silent and gave no answer. Then both of them went to Ali and told him that they had asked for the hand of Fatima, but the Prophet gave no answer. They requested Ali to ask for the hand of Fatima.

Many eminent traditionists have copied this report from Ibn Hatam. Ibn Hajar Asqalani (Hadith exegist) has recorded in the opening part of Chapter 11 of "Sawaiq al Muhriqah". This can also be found in:

  • "Kanz al Ummal" Volume 6; page 153
  • "Musnad of Imam Ahmed" Volume 5; page 31

The Prophet gave Abu Bakr some money and asked him to accompany Salman and Bilal to buy some house hold necessities for Fatima's house. The Prophet said to Abu Bakr, "Buy some appropriate household necessities for my daughter with this money." Abu Bakr said, "He gave me sixty three dirhams, so we went to the market and bought the following:

  • A leather mat
  • A Khaibairion cloak
  • Jugs and jars for water
  • A thin curtain made of wool
  • A veil costing four dirhams
  • A bed embellished with ribbon
  • A mat from Hajar
  • A special copper container used for dye stuff
  • A water skin"

There are a number of recorded sayings of Prophet Mohammad in which he has prophesied that the promised Mahdi will born in the progency of his daughter Fatima.

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