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Falmouth, Cornwall

Falmouth (Cornish: Aberfal) is a sea-port on the south coast of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. It was originally called Peny-cwm-cuic, which became 'Pennycomequick'.

Falmouth is famous for its harbour, which together with Carrick Roads forms the third largest natural harbour in the world, and also for being the start or finish point of various round-the-world record breaking voyages, such as those of Sir Francis Chichester and Dame Ellen McArthur.

Sir John Killigrew created the town or Falmouth in 1613 and in about 1540 Henry VIII built Pendennis Castle to defend Carrick Roads. During the civil war Pendennis Castle was the second to last fort to surrender.

Falmouth's maritime activity is much declined from its hey-day, and it is now primarily a tourist resort. The National Maritime Museum Cornwall opened in February 2003.

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