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For the term "exalt", see exalt.

Exaltation is the theological term for trance; although it is practiced by many Christian religious groups nowadays, it was seen as an alliance with the devil earlier in history.

Exaltation or Eternal Progression is a seminal doctrinal belief among devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or Mormons) that mankind, as spirit children of their Father in Heaven, can be made into gods like Him. Although the exact meaning of this has not been defined, most Mormons speculate that this means they will achieve divine or God-like status by following Church teachings and through the Atonement.

One ordinance required of all those who hope to achieve exaltation is to be sealed in one of the temples of the LDS Church, which is one reason for the LDS' commitment to perform vicarious work for the dead; in order that all mankind might have the potential to return to live with their Father in Heaven.

Exaltation is the ultimate goal of most faithful LDS Church members.

LDS Church founder, Joseph Smith, Jr., taught this doctrine in the King Follett Discourse. Some critics regard Exaltation as blasphemous. See also Mormonism and Christianity, Theosis and Salvation.

Exaltation also means simply "lifting up" or "raising up"; it appears in the name of one the twelve Orthodox feasts, the "Exaltation of the Holy and Lifegiving Cross".

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