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Esperanto Pen Pal Service

The Esperanto Pen Pal Service is an online service to help speakers of the Esperanto language find Esperanto speaking pen pals around the world. Anyone can list their name, location, Esperanto ability and other details. If someone does not want to be listed, they can still write to someone who is already on the list.


Similar to the EPPS, there is also a penpal service of (see link below). People interested in corresponding, or with some other interest in the persons listed, can obtain with no registration or authentication whatsoever the personal details (e.g. name, gender, postal address, email address) of people listed, including in some cases minors under the age of 13. However the domain appears to be registered not in the USA but just over the border in Vancouver, so COPPA does not apply. So that's all right then.

The Esperanto Pen Pal Service web page itself publically displays personal details of some under-13s, and is hosted on AOL. Depending what the "A" in AOL stands for, there is a possibility that COPPA does apply.

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