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Emperor Go-Komyo of Japan

Emperor Go-Kōmyō (後光明天皇) (April 20, 1633 - October 30, 1654) was the 110th imperial ruler of Japan. He reigned from November 14, 1643 to October 30, 1654. His personal name was Tsuguhito (紹仁) and his title was ??-no-miya (素鵞宮)


He was the fourth son of Emperor Go-Mizunoo. His mother was the daughter of the Minister of the Left. Empress Meishō was his elder sister by a different mother.

  • Lady-in-waiting: Niwata Hideko (?) (庭田秀子)
    • First daughter: Imperial Princess ?? (孝子内親王) (Empress Dowager Ayanari (礼成門院))


He became Crown Prince in Kan'en 19 (1642). The following year, he became Emperor upon the abdication of his elder sister, Empress Meishō. His reign corresponds to that of Shōguns Tokugawa Iemitsu and Ietsuna. He expressed opposition to the shogunate with its violent nature. In 1654, he died of smallpox. His sudden death led to rumors that he was poisoned.

Eras of his reign

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