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Emma Härdelin

Emma Härdelin (born September 26 1975) is a Swedish musician. She is a violinist and lead singer in folk-rock band Garmarna, which she joined in 1993 for their first album recording, and also lead singer for the folk band Triakel.

Emma Härdelin was born into a family of nationally acclaimed musicians as the daughter of Swedish traditional fiddler Thore Härdelin . She grew up in Kluk , Jämtland, and Delsbo, Hälsingland. After attending Waldorf school and studying Swedish folk singing under Maria Röjås at Malung folkhögskola , she became a member of Garmarna in 1993, and founded Triakel in 1995 together with Kjell-Erik Eriksson of Hoven Droven and Janne Strömstedt .

In 2004, she appeared on Blindside's album About a Burning Fire, on the song Shekina.

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