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Earl Marischal

In Scotland, the office of Great Marischal of Scotland, which was granted to the Keith family as Knight Marischal and later on changed to Lord Marischal and later on again to Earl Marischal of Scotland, died out when a member of the family of Keith forfeited it by being part of the 1715 rebellion. It should be noted though that the role of regulation of heraldry carried out by the Earl Marshal in England is carried out by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland.


Great Marischals of Scotland (Knights Marischal, Lords Marischal and Earls Marischal of Scotland) (1010-1778)

Knights Marischal

Lords Marischal

Earls Marischal

  • William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal (died 1475)
  • William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal (died 1483)
  • William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal (died 1530)
  • William Keith, 4th Earl Marischal (died 1581)
  • George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal (c. 15531623)
  • George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal (c. 16931778) (stripped of title 1715)

Some sources use different numbering, so that the final earl was the 9th Earl Marischal and not the 10th, and so forth.

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