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A drummer is a musician who plays the drums, particularly the drum kit, marching percussion, or hand drums. The term percussionist usually refers to a person who plays classical or Latin percussion .

Drummers are sometimes regarded as not being "real musicians" and are the butt of countless jokes; see drummer jokes. In reality, good drummers are expert musicians with an acute ear for rhythm and musical form, who act as the rhythmic driving force for an entire ensemble. The drummer is the timekeeper for bands, making them essential to the music in the same way that a good timpanist is so vital in an orchestral setting.

Percussion (along with song) is perhaps the most ancient form of music. In fact, some cultures have drum music , music that is performed by drums alone. The nonvocal sounds and rhythms of life, the most obvious being walking, are a kind of pre-music which elaborate and organize themselves through human intelligence and play into music.

Drummers have played a key role in the military in past conflicts, such as the American Revolution, and the American Civil War. Drums provided a steady beat to set the marching pace and kept morale up through music.

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