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Drave (German: Drau, Slovenian and Croatian: Drava, Hungarian: Dráva) is a river in southern Central Europe, flowing East from Alto Adige, Italy through Carinthia, Austria, and Slovenia (145 km) then southeast, forming most of the Croatian-Hungarian border before joining the Danube near Osijek. Length: 725 km (450 mi).

Drave flows through Lienz , Spittal, Villach, Ferlach in Austria, Dravograd, Vuzenica , Muta, Ruše, Maribor, Ptuj, Ormož in Slovenia, Varaždin and Osijek in Croatia, and Barcs in Hungary. Drave is navigable (about 90 km) from Čađavica in Croatia to its outfall. Main tributaries of Drave are: Gail in Austria and Mislinja, Dravinja in Slovenia and Bednja in Croatia from the left, and Gurk in Austria and Mur (near Legrad ) in Croatia from the right.

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