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Denis Gaultier

Denis Gaultier (1603 -1672) was a French lutenist and composer. He was a cousin of Ennemond Gaultier , with whom he was closely connected (Denis was called "Gaultier le jeune" to separate him from Ennemond, but nonetheless publications often misattributed works between them or printed only their last name); perhaps also a student of Charles Racquet , whose death he commemorated with a tombeau . He held no court position, but gained fame through salon playing; his works consist mainly of dance suites for the lute. Three published collections of his music appeared later in his life: La rhétorique des dieux (1652), containing suites arranged into the 12 modes; Pièces de luth sur trois différens modes nouveaux (ca. 1670), whose title page designates the contents as wholly his own; and Livre de tablature ... de Mr. Gaultier Sr. de Nève et de Mr. Gaultier son cousin(ca. 1672).

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