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Democracy Watch (International)

Democracy Watch (International) is a service organization founded in 2003, based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA with offices in the Washington D.C., USA area. Its current executive chairperson is Scott Perry.



The chartered purpose of Democracy Watch (International) is to monitor, record and disseminate information about functional democracy in as many nations throughout the world as possible.


The groups executive directors stated that, by the evaluation of research material, including the dispatch of election monitoring volunteers from time to time, and by applying a predefined set of test standards to the information so obtained in an objective and uniform manner, the group works to shed a greater light and awareness on the global process of democratization.


Democracy Watch (International) web-site states that it is:

  • Non-Profit
  • Non-Aligned (accepting no funding from governmental or political organizations).
  • Purely informational, providing a world-wide resource designed to enhance and increase the world-wide awareness of the progress of democracies and of democratic principles throughout the world.

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