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Document Schema Definition Languages

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Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL) is a framework within which multiple validation tasks of different types can be applied to an XML document in order to achieve more complete validation results than just the application of a single technology.

It is specified by the standard ISO/IEC 19757.

DSDL is a multipart standard defining a modular set of specifications for describing the document structures, data types, and data relationships in structured information resources.

  • Part 0 Overview [1]
  • Part 1 Interoperability framework
  • Part 2 Grammar-based validation - RELAX NG
  • Part 3 Rule-based validation - Schematron
  • Part 4 Namespace-based validation dispatching language - NVDL
  • Part 5 Datatypes
  • Part 6 Path-based integrity constraints
  • Part 7 Character repertoire validation
  • Part 8 Declarative document manipulation
  • Part 9 Datatype- and namespace-aware DTD
  • Part 10 Validation Management

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