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Culture of Hong Kong

The culture of Hong Kong is characterised by the blending of Asian (mainly south Chinese) and Western influences, as well as the status of the city as a major international business centre. Influences from this territory are widespread in foreign cultures. Cantopop and Cantonese opera have made their mark throughout Asia. There are many fans of the Cantonese music industry even in Japan, and it is true that many singers have records in the Japanese language. The movie-making industry also has large potential. Such stars as Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee are known worldwide, especially in areas where large numbers of Chinese have settled. Hong Kong-born stars have also settled elsewhere. Hong Kong culture has many aspects, extending outside the entertainment industry. Cantonese cuisine's popularity is no doubt due to Hong Kong's part. People of all nationalities often purchase food of Cantonese cuisine if they do not want to cook and are looking for a new type of meal.

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