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Culture of Finland

The Culture of Finland is inherently hard to define. Nontheless, there are some general characteristics often associated with Finnish society and every day culture. Finns are generally a reserved people, like other Nordic peoples in Norway or Sweden. Finns like peace and nature, but there are also a lot of people who like to have fun in cities. They are generally compassionate, articulate, and clean. There is a sense of melancholy and depression sometimes associated with the Finns. People in Finland are reserved when meeting strangers and it sometimes takes a long time to become familiar with others, but as a result relationships are deep and lasting. People there like to compare themselves to others and their country to other countries. They are proud that though the country was very poor in the beginning of 20th century, it is now one of the rich western countries . Equality is an important part of Finnish culture as in other Nordic countries, so much so that, 'success' or what may be seen as a deliberate attempt to distinguish oneself from others may be viewed with hostility.

Cultural Policy

Government contributions to culture have increased steadily in recent years, but viewed against the present government's firm objective to limit public expenditures, contributions will stabilize in the future. Most support goes to libraries and archives, theater, museums, arts and crafts training, and films.


Language Related Institutions

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Art and Design Institutions

  • Ateneum
  • Kiasma
  • National Museum of Finland

Music Institutions

Theatre and Dance Institutions


Archiving Institutions

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