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  • In education, constructivism is a learning theory which holds that knowledge is not transmitted unchanged from teacher to student, but instead that learning is an active process of learning. Constructivists teach techninques that place emphasis on the role of learning activities in a good curriculum.

For more information on the constructivist approach to learning and teaching check out this link. It includes readings, essays and information on various learning theorists.

Further Information on the Constructivist Approach to Learning

  • In art and architecture, constructivism was an artistic movement in Russia from 1914 onward in favour of "pure" art with no social function which used designs influenced by, and materials used in, industry. It was founded by Vladimir Tatlin, with later prominent constructivists including Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo. Kasimir Malevich also made pieces that could be called constructivist, though he is better known for his earlier suprematism. The movement was an important influence on new graphic design techniques championed by El Lissitzky.

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