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Climate of Antarctica

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The climate of Antarctica is cold and dry.

Antarctica is the coldest place on earth. The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was -89.4 °C (-129 °F) recorded in 1983 at Vostok Station. The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was 14.6 C (58.3 F) in Hope Bay .

Weather patterns rarely penetrate far into the continent, leaving the center cold and dry. There is little precipitation over the continent, but ice there can last for a long time.


Climate History of Antarctica

After splitting from Gondwana, Antarctica drifted slowly to its present position over the South Pole. Its climate was much warmer before its polar approach. There may have been significant ice sheets 30 million years ago. It has been covered with ice since approximately the beginning of the Pliocene, about 5 million years ago.

Marginal ice shelves around the Antarctic Peninsula have been lost since 1950. Prince Gustav Channel was blocked until 1995 by ice which did not exist from about 6500 years ago to 1900 years ago, including most of the Holocene Climatic Optimum and through part of the following cooler period.


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Climate Change in Antarctica


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