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Clotaire II

Clotaire II (584-629) was not yet born when his father, King Chilperic I died in 584, although he was born later that year. His mother, Queen Fredegonde, administered his kingdom until her death in 597. At age 13, Clotaire II began to rule for himself.

In 613 Clotaire II became the first king of all the Franks since his grandfather Clotaire I died in 561 by ordering the murder of Sigebert II who had ascended to the thrones of Austrasia and Burgundia.

In 615, Clotaire II promulgated the Edict of Paris , a sort of Frankish Magna Carta that reserved many rights to the Frankish nobles while it excluded Jews from all civil employment for the Crown, a ban which placed all the literacy available to the Merovingian monarchy squarely under ecclesiastical control and also greatly pleased the nobles, from whose ranks the bishops were ordinarily exclusively drawn. Then, in 623 he gave the kingdom of Austrasia to his young son Dagobert I. This was a political move as repayment for the support of Bishop Arnulf of Metz and Pepin I, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, the two leading Austrasian nobles, who were effectively granted semi-autonomy.

Clotaire II died in 629.

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