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Christianity Today

Christianity Today is an Evangelical Christian periodical based in Carol Stream, Illinois. Readers can keep abreast of matters concerning books and culture, campus life, Christian history, Christian parenting, leadership skills, marriage, men and women, Bible study, preaching and spiritual help.

Begun in 1956 as a way to bring the evangelical Christian community together, the magazine was founded by the famous evangelist Billy Graham. Its first editor was Carl F. H. Henry. Notable current writers include author Philip Yancey, Fuller Theological Seminary's Richard Mouw, Yale University law professor Stephen Carter, and Prison Fellowship's Charles W. Colson.

The magazine's presence on the Internet, originally named ChristianityOnline, began in 1996. Today it and its sister publications, which range from the popular (Today's Christian Woman) to the intellectual (Books & Culture), reach well over 2 million readers in both traditional paperbound and Internet forms.

Although the magazine ran some of the first advertisements for Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority, its editorial positions tend to be politically and theologically centrist. Founding editor Henry was an advocate for the labor movement, and in the past decade the magazine and its sister publications have run articles both promoting and criticizing the Intelligent Design movement.

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