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Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times is an American newspaper publishing out of Chicago, Illinois. Of the two Chicago newspapers, the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times, the Sun-Times makes more money on the newsstand, as opposed to the more upper-crust home delivery of the Tribune. The Sun-Times is a tabloid, much like the New York Post, but not nearly so sensationalist. It uses flashy headlines to grab readers' attention at the newsstand, and its more easily foldable format makes it the newspaper of choice on the Chicago 'L', Chicago's rapid transportation system.

It is best known internationally as the employer of the influential film critic Roger Ebert. The newspaper gave a start in journalism to now disgraced Bob Greene.

The Chicago Sun-Times is owned by Chicago based Hollinger International. It is controlled, indirectly, through a complex corporate structure, by controversial Canadian born businessman Conrad Black.

In the television series Early Edition, the main character mysteriously receives a copy of the Chicago Sun-Times that will be published tomorrow, making him aware of the immediate future.

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