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In general, a character is a distinctive significant mark or feature. The word originates from the Greek word χαρακτηρ via the Latin word character, an instrument for marking or graving. The word is used in several specific senses:

  • Personal character:
  • A fictional person from a book, play, or other fictional work; see fictional character.
    • In roleplaying games, the role or persona assumed by the player within the fictional world of the game; also, the figurine or token that represents this character, used to map out movement relative to obstacles and other players' characters.
    • A video game character can be either a player character or a non-player character (NPC)
    • When someone takes on the role of a fictional character, or a role in a role-playing game, they are said to be in character; when they drop out of this role, they are said to break character

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