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Celebrity chef

In its strictest sense, a celebrity chef is a someone who has become well-known for their cooking. In practical terms however the term grew in popularity during the 1990s, particularly in the United Kingdom. It accompanied an explosion in popularity of cookery programmes on television and cookery features in the printed press. The name celebrity chef is sometimes used in a slightly derogatory way - a celebrity chef who has "sold out" to the media being seen as somehow inferior to a traditional chef in a restuarant. Cantakerous multi-Michelin star winner Gordon Ramsay, for example, has made of point of saying that he is definitely not a celebrity chef, despite having appeared on documentaries and written several books. Others such as Gary Rhodes are perhaps more relaxed about the moniker, yet still have owned and operated several highly successful upmarket restaurants.


Some celebrity chefs

United Kingdom

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United States


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