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Carl Milles

Carl Milles, born Carl Emil Wilhelm Andersson son of lieutenant Emil "Mille" Andersson and his wife Walborg Tisell, (June 23 1875September 19 1955) was a Swedish sculptor, best known for his fountains. He was married to Olga Milles and brother to Ruth Milles .

Carl Milles has sculptured the Poseidon-statue in Gothenburg, the Gustaf Vasa-statue at the Nordiska museet , the Orfeus group outside the Stockholm Concert Hall and the Folke Filbyter -scupture in Linköping. The latter could be found on a stamp from 1975, celebrating that he would have become a hundred years old that year. Millesgården became his last home and is nowadays a museum.


Milles in America

In 1931 American publisher George Booth brought Milles to his school, Cranbrook, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to serve as his sculptor in residence. Part of Booth's arrangement with his principle artists was that they were expected to create major commissions outside the Cranbrook environment. By the time Milles left America for the last time over twenty years later he had dotted the American landscape with his works.

Selected American Works

  • WWJ Building, Albert Kahn architect, Detroit, Michigan 1936
  • Monument for Peace, Ramsey County Court House, Holabird & Root architects, St Paul, Minnesota, 1936
  • Racine County Court House, Holabird & Root architects, Racine Wisconsin 1931
  • Doors of Finance Building, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, 1938
  • Meeting of the Waters, St Louis, Missouri 1936 – 1940
  • On a Sunday Morning, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1941
  • Numerous works at Cranbrook School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, including Mermaids & Tritons Fountain, 1930, Sven Hedin on a Camel, 1932, Jonah and the Whale Fountain, 1932, Orpheus Fountain, 1936,
  • Fountain of Faith, Falls Church, Virginia 1952
  • Spirit of Transportation, Detroit Civic Center, Detroit Michigan 1952
  • Volker Memorial Fountain, Kansas City, Missouri 1955
  • Triton Blowing on a Shell, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

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